Successful Sales Habits

Behavioural experts say that it requires three weeks of consistently practicing a new behavior for it to become a habit. Here are some sales techniques you could try that may significantly improve your closing rate. Only sell to those who are interested in buying. Develop the ability to quickly determine who genuinely wants to purchase from you and who is not interested. Invest more time in those who are interested in your product and waste less time trying to convince those who aren't. Have thorough knowledge of your product. You should be able to answer any question regarding your product or service to satisfy your customers. Having knowledge instills confidence, and if your buyers have confidence in you, your sales pitch will be more effective. Request for referrals. Without being pushy, make sure to never let a sales opportunity go by without asking your potential customer if they know anyone else who might be interested in what you have to offer. Follow up and keep your promises. Credibility is crucial for a salesperson. If you say you will follow up, make sure to do so. If you make a promise, be sure to fulfill it. If you fail to do this, you will not only lose credibility with that customer, but also with anyone they speak to about you. Take responsibility for mistakes. Nothing frustrates people more than someone who refuses to take responsibility for their own faults or blames others for them. Admit your mistakes, promise to fix them, and then follow through. Ask and you will receive. Make sure to ask for the sale. Understand the different social styles of your customers and use that knowledge to ask for the sale. Many salespeople have missed out on potential sales because they never asked for it. Speak positively about your competitors. This displays integrity. People who badmouth their competitors can be seen as untrustworthy and may also badmouth their customers. There is always something nice you can say. Don't pretend. Some individuals will do anything to avoid losing a sale, including making promises they cannot fulfill and then scrambling to try to make it happen. Focus on what you do well and if you receive questions about something outside of your expertise, refer them to someone who can handle it. Doing this increases the chances that they will return to you in the future. Practice these new habits and observe your sales growth.