Microsoft’s Guide to Marketing During the Holidays

Christmas advertisements are now appearing on TV, and Microsoft recently published a helpful marketing guide for the holiday season. Despite previous fatigue, recent data indicates that people are once again interested in Christmas ads.

The Microsoft holiday marketing guide is designed to assist individuals in the industry in creating powerful advertising campaigns centered around festive themes. It serves as the go-to resource for marketers as they prepare for the Christmas season.

The Microsoft holiday marketing guide has been created to address different abilities and interests, keeping in mind the changing behaviors of customers during the festive season.

Taking into consideration the most valuable information from Microsoft's holiday marketing guide, there are numerous important aspects to consider with the new strategy as the excessive prevalence of Christmas reaches its conclusion.

Budget and Plan Early 

The Microsoft holiday marketing guide highlights the importance of planning and budgeting as essential factors.

Analysis of data from previous years indicates that companies witnessed a significant surge in sales during the months preceding the traditional Christmas season. This observation underscores the fact that shoppers are now making their purchases well in advance compared to previous years.

Considering this, it is recommended that businesses should allocate their financial resources for September and October in a manner similar to how they would in November and December, which is when many marketers start promoting products for the Christmas season.

Pre-Christmas Clicks are Key

The extensive manual by Microsoft highlights the significance of generating clicks before Christmas and the crucial role it plays in reaching shoppers early on and converting them promptly.

Experts say that about 67% of November purchases and 50% of December purchases can be attributed to clicks that occurred as early as October.

In order to increase your clicks before Christmas, it is advised to use a reliable remarketing tool that targets potential customers who showed initial interest in the early months of autumn.

Focus on securing a maximum number of deals.

In recent years, an increasing number of customers have been devoting additional time to finding the best deals for themselves. Research shows that approximately two-thirds of shoppers now spend a significant amount of time searching for discounted items.

Advertisers and customers can face uncertainty when navigating the online realm during the holiday season. As a result, it is crucial for advertisers to ensure that their advertisements effectively reach a wide range of shoppers.

Considering this, it is a prudent idea to provide incentives for your products, such as offering vouchers or discounted prices. As we near the end of the year, it is crucial to start contemplating strategies to increase sales. For businesses in the retail and service industries, this entails offering discounted packages to attract new customers and promote repeat business in the coming year.

Diversity your Ad Strategies

Expanding your advertising strategy brings numerous advantages, and Microsoft's holiday marketing guide emphasizes this recommendation. Considering that clicks originate from various devices like mobile phones, tablets, and desktops, it is crucial not to limit yourself to a single campaign type.

To attain the desired outcomes in terms of return on investment during the Christmas season, it is advisable to implement a strategy that utilizes multiple channels to engage consumers on various platforms.

If you depend too much on a specific campaign or digital marketing channels, you may be neglecting significant opportunities. Truly effective advertising strategies don't rely solely on one, two, or even three channels. Rather, the most prosperous campaigns are able to adapt quickly, shifting to the appropriate tone of voice needed to make a sale.

Why launching your marketing campaign now is the opportune moment.

Now is the ideal time to launch your campaign. It is important to start implementing your plans and promoting your products and services. Christmas presents a great chance for businesses to boost their sales and enhance customer loyalty, whether they are new or returning. Therefore, it is essential to act quickly and execute your plan promptly.

This is the best time for business owners, advertisers on Microsoft, and those who provide marketing services to launch or increase their seasonal ad campaigns.

As the autumn season arrives, it not only brings a fresh array of vibrant colors and opportunities for starting anew, but it also marks the start of shopping for the upcoming Christmas season. During this time, customers eagerly create their gift lists and repeatedly visit the websites of their preferred brands to ensure they don't miss out on the top products and great discounts.

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